Introductory Post About Robin’s Nest Books

Good day this is Robin, welcome to Robin’s Nest Books. I am now writing my very first post, it is pretty nerve wrecking since they said that the first blog post will determine the direction of your blog. It’s important for the post to be hooking, interesting and fun which I am pretty sure I am not but please bear with me.

Since this is my blog, I started this blog to basically just want to voice out my take on anything under the sun. When you have your own blog, you have seem to have a life that where no one will have the right to tell you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Truth: isn’t that what we all want? Do whatever we want to do? I believe blogging can give it to me so I started it. But of course we have to make sure that everything is done right.

Sorry for blaberring too much, this type of thing is unfamiliar to me because I do not know much about blogging and this is my first time. So I am gonna start to really introduce myself, I am Robin, a 24 years old and a huge book worm. I am currently on my final leg of 2nd year of studying graduate medical school at a certain university in England. It is exhausting but I am enjoying every minute of it (believe me I do!!) I can certainly say that I did learned a lot about life, about things while studying.

Anyway, in my opinion, medicine is a pretty much completely different ball game, it is not only that, it is also a different language which you need to master in every way and every level to finally get it. I did my fair share of having fun on my university days but when I went to medical school, I know for sure that it needs to be changed, I need to change to make it and to understand every bit of it. I do not only read, I do not only memorize, I understand and internalize everything I read so that I would be able to the best service to other people and to serve them what they deserve.

Enough with my school life, I did started this blog to have a separate life from my happy but exhausting life in med school. I do hope you keep checking my blog out.

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